Branded Content Clips

A taste of some of my recent editing, writing, and video projects.

What Being A Hijabi Runner Taught One Woman About Adversity And Running Safety

Publication: Women’s Health

In addition to ideating this this custom-shot article, I assigned and edited the content. I also collaborated with the art director and producer to ensure a smooth photo shoot, and acted as the face of the Women’s Health brand on set.

SPF And Waffles Are This Pro Ballerina’s Morning MVPs

Client: Maybelline
Publication: Women’s Health

In collaboration with the HearstMade video team, I conceived and helped execute this video featuring American Ballet Theatre’s Isabella Boylston promoting Maybelline’s new Dream Urban Cover foundation. I also ideated, assigned, and edited the associated article.

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Here are some additional editing and writing clips. Click though to get an idea of the wide array of content I’ve covered for clients who turn to Hearst to execute branded content.

Food and Nutrition

Women’s Health Editor-In-Chief Is Obsessed With Ketchup And Pickled Blueberries (on for Heinz Simply Ketchup)

These Plant-Based Groceries Make Eating Less Meat And Dairy SO Much Easier (on for GoMacro)

10 Easy Recipes For Two That Don’t Have Added Sugar (on for Two Good yogurt)

450-Calorie Weekday Meals You Can Make in 15 Minutes (on for Tyson)

The Best Proteins To Make When You’re Totally Time-Strapped (on for Tyson)


I Had Surgery To Remove My Colon And Rectum (on for Humira)

I Became A Model After Having My Colon Removed (on for Humira)

What Is COPD?: Important Facts to Know About Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments (on for Yupelri)

Here’s Exactly What to Expect After a Heart Attack (on for Repatha)

Seeing Your Eye Doc Is Beyond Important If You’re At Risk For *This* Common Condition  (on for VSP)

PSA: There’s A Medical Procedure That Can Lighten Your Period (on for Novasure)

These Groups Have the Highest Risk of Contracting HIV (on for Gilead)

Your Complete Guide to PrEP, the HIV Prevention Pill (on for Gilead)

How 5 Women Living With Depression Stay Motivated At Work (on for Otsuka Rexulti)

Everything You Need to Know About Menopause (on for Imvexxy)

What I Wish People Knew About Living With Narcolepsy (on for Jazz Pharmaceuticals)

Sleep Disorders: Every Important Fact to Know About Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments (on for Jazz Pharmaceuticals)


Athleta’s Latest Launch Is The Inclusivity Push In The Fitness Industry I’ve Been Waiting For (on for Athleta)

15 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Anyone Who Rather Stay In Than Go Out (on for Jockey)

This 17-Time Paralympics Champion Grew Up Walking On Her Hands Because She Didn’t Have A Wheelchair (on for Olay)

7 Ways To Avoid Scary, Unexpected Health Bills (on for United Healthcare)

Can Investing In Your Health Now Actually Save You Money Down The Road?  (on for United Healthcare)

How To Throw An Epic Bachelorette For A Bride Who Loves Working Out (on for Smirnoff)


Fight Dry Summer Skin And Hair With These Affordable Beauty Products (on for Walmart Beauty)

8 Affordable Skincare Products Derms Constantly Recommend (on for Walmart Beauty)

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